Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Goliath Related

The foot recalls Buster Simpson's failed proposal for San Francisco seen here, here and mentions here and here.

Goliath Bigger

The foot was rezzed at LEA5 and made bigger, and re-rezzed at Tabula Rasa larger as well.  Whether related or not, there is a notable UWA prize competition "Pursue Impossible."  It has a video associated with it featuring a young woman who runs all around the world, the "David" side of David and Goliath.

Goliath Installation Views


A temporary installation of Goliath, the giant anti-hero dismembered by David, is ending in Tabula Rasa, a region devoted to art galleries.  An opening review was "mixed."  I produced a five-year-old Goliath drawing from inventory, new photographic interpretations, rust sculptures of best recollection of "Goliath," the original found object on its pallet, the current Goliath, and the foot consisting of mesh models of tarsals and skin as found in search.  I removed the installation entirely to bare lawn in respect of review, then put the foot back for the remaining time.