Friday, November 18, 2016


In an earlier post, David and Goliath Comparisons, LEA on two occasions has communicated with me privately and taken offense with something i said, "LEA is nothing." Let's look at the context.
[2016/10/22 14:50]  SaveMe Oh: the real fight is between small me and the big dictatorship of LEA
[2016/10/22 14:50]  SaveMe Oh: so we don't need metaphors
[2016/10/22 14:50]  Lemonodo Oh: i don't see any comparison
[2016/10/22 14:50]  Lemonodo Oh: lea is nothing
[2016/10/22 14:50]  Lemonodo Oh: u r something
[2016/10/22 14:51]  SaveMe Oh: I know myself, but for the the drama it is the fight between me and them
[2016/10/22 14:51]  Lemonodo Oh: but i see what u r getting at now
[2016/10/22 14:51]  Lemonodo Oh: it is much the same as u say
[2016/10/22 14:51]  SaveMe Oh: They decide what is good for us and who are the chosen ones
[2016/10/22 14:52]  SaveMe Oh: so let me occupy this place
[2016/10/22 14:53]  SaveMe Oh: you don't have a clue anyway what to do with the sim
[2016/10/22 14:53]  Lemonodo Oh: of course
[2016/10/22 14:53]  SaveMe Oh: haha
[2016/10/22 14:54]  SaveMe Oh: growing virtual grass
[2016/10/22 14:57]  Lemonodo Oh: i'm not enough of an art admin to figure this out on my own and feel a little like don quixote tilting at windmills over this but publish this conversation and let's see where it goes
Something that could be conflated as saying a sponsoring institution is nothing was originally prefaced with the advice there is no comparison.  There isn't a comparison.  The institution has tremendous power around virtual real estate, far beyond many private estate owners.  However, in art movements, it has no agency in comparison with the agency of a single artist, nor should it have, though it does seem to be in the business of policing for various good reasons. Thus the lines of propriety blur.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Search for Goliath continuation

Goliath continues to live and die everywhere, be vanquished by the stone shaped like a ball hurled by David. Coming up... last chance for steel from the Old Bay Bridge we see him lying in state.

Update, 12-31-2016: Unfortunately the application was denied.

David and Goliath, Nowhere

David and Goliath have gone Nowhere.  LEA24, 272m altititude, is installed through December. 2016.  It integrates the scupture garden into the full size model of the inner city of Khirbet Qeiyafa.

Meantime, through November is a region-wide urban and art world protest commentary, Guerilla Strategy To Infiltrate LEA, by SaveMe Oh, LEA24. at sea level.