Thursday, May 7, 2009

an appreciation - elis eun

research 'sculpture virtual catalonian imaginative playful' and find pertinent snippets, "Purposeful invention and playful discovery, bold change, and refined nuance are ... haven't dealt with in the past—for example, virtual space," "... imaginative, poetic, and playful attitudes -yet attitudes that are always ...... Further inquiries into early Greek sculpture, as well as the concepts of ... creation while not ceasing to be an imaginative, worldly interpretation. ..... into the parallels of such interaction in our increasingly virtual society. ..." and "and liberate the imagination through sculpture parks"

to find this for real... well not really, but for real in second life is to encounter a certain surprise most might not notice... it goes beyond gaudí, who goes far indeed... to discovery... similar to finding a ghost town or ghost house not sanctioned and made into a park

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