Sunday, October 23, 2016

David and Goliath comparisons

The project emerges as an art administration effort.  What settings? What policing? Why?

The messaged communications below have been previously made public as indicated at the end, while other frightful exchanges remain as background.

[2016/10/22 14:45]  SaveMe Oh: Why you don't change the name of your LEA sim into "SaveMe and LEA"? Would be much better than David and Goliath.
[2016/10/22 14:49]  Lemonodo Oh: maybe change -- hadn't thought of it -- i thought we did ok by david and made a good stab at finding goliath
[2016/10/22 14:50]  SaveMe Oh: the real fight is between small me and the big dictatorship of LEA
[2016/10/22 14:50]  SaveMe Oh: so we don't need metaphors
[2016/10/22 14:50]  Lemonodo Oh: i don't see any comparison
[2016/10/22 14:50]  Lemonodo Oh: lea is nothing
[2016/10/22 14:50]  Lemonodo Oh: u r something
[2016/10/22 14:51]  SaveMe Oh: I know myself, but for the the drama it is the fight between me and them
[2016/10/22 14:51]  Lemonodo Oh: but i see what u r getting at now
[2016/10/22 14:51]  Lemonodo Oh: it is much the same as u say
[2016/10/22 14:51]  SaveMe Oh: They decide what is good for us and who are the chosen ones
[2016/10/22 14:52]  SaveMe Oh: so let me occupy this place
[2016/10/22 14:53]  SaveMe Oh: you don't have a clue anyway what to do with the sim
[2016/10/22 14:53]  Lemonodo Oh: of course
[2016/10/22 14:53]  SaveMe Oh: haha
[2016/10/22 14:54]  SaveMe Oh: growing virtual grass
[2016/10/22 14:57]  Lemonodo Oh: i'm not enough of an art admin to figure this out on my own and feel a little like don quixote tilting at windmills over this but publish this conversation and let's see where it goes
[2016/10/22 14:58]  SaveMe Oh: You could give me building rights and then we see what happens
[2016/10/22 14:58]  SaveMe Oh: I am not going to stir things up without any power
[2016/10/22 14:58]  SaveMe Oh: then I am the Don Quichotte
[2016/10/22 14:58]  Lemonodo Oh: let's see
[2016/10/22 15:03]  Lemonodo Oh: i got into trouble last time, not a lot, and i did ask the committee before doing anything, but definitely some, so i'll raise it as before -- my intent is simple and clear enough and achieved to the extent i can -- there is one sculpture missing and goliath is still under development, but time is short
[2016/10/22 15:03]  Lemonodo Oh: so i'll see -- they didn't seem to mind thinking it over before
[2016/10/22 15:04]  SaveMe Oh: What can happen to you? A few pissed off avi's?
[2016/10/22 15:04]  Lemonodo Oh: i had one
[2016/10/22 15:04]  SaveMe Oh: and did you suffer much?
[2016/10/22 15:04]  Lemonodo Oh: the committee got its discussion
[2016/10/22 15:04]  Lemonodo Oh: as far as i can see on the whole they were happy
[2016/10/22 15:05]  Lemonodo Oh: i suffered at the hands of the one unhappy person
[2016/10/22 15:06]  Lemonodo Oh: seems to be a very difficult person to please and maybe a person incognizant of artistic movements as they exist overall, which is what your work seems to observe more than most
[2016/10/22 15:06]  Lemonodo Oh: that is how i came to feel about it
[2016/10/22 15:07]  SaveMe Oh: That's why I need help to make this visible
[2016/10/22 15:07]  Lemonodo Oh: uh yeah, well-made case you present
[2016/10/22 15:07]  Lemonodo Oh: so i will take it to the committee as before
[2016/10/22 15:08]  SaveMe Oh: this time would be nice if you would do it in secret, without telling them
[2016/10/22 15:08]  SaveMe Oh: risking to be kicked out
[2016/10/22 15:10]  SaveMe Oh has offered to teleport you to their location (LEA24/129/97/26)
[2016/10/22 15:10]  Lemonodo Oh: :) i feel bad about that to be honest but i think your argument, your case is fine
[2016/10/22 15:11]  SaveMe Oh: yes, I would take advantage off you
[2016/10/22 15:11]  Lemonodo Oh: i have not a stitch on--this is great
[2016/10/22 15:11]  SaveMe Oh: but for the good cause
[2016/10/22 15:11]  SaveMe Oh: LEA is ruled by a few self-acclaimed judges
[2016/10/22 15:12]  SaveMe Oh: who have free sims all their virtual life
[2016/10/22 15:12]  Lemonodo Oh: true
[2016/10/22 15:12]  SaveMe Oh: what gives them that right
[2016/10/22 15:12]  SaveMe Oh: what they did?
[2016/10/22 15:12]  SaveMe Oh: are they elected?
[2016/10/22 15:12]  SaveMe Oh: why others have to pay 300 dollar for a sim?
[2016/10/22 15:13]  SaveMe Oh: I think its great Linden offers this
[2016/10/22 15:13]  Lemonodo Oh: i wouldn't begin to pay 300
[2016/10/22 15:13]  SaveMe Oh: but it should not be run by a bunch of dictators
[2016/10/22 15:13]  Lemonodo Oh: to put on my work as i have, not once, but twice
[2016/10/22 15:13]  SaveMe Oh: I dont want it for myself
[2016/10/22 15:13]  SaveMe Oh: I dont need sims
[2016/10/22 15:14]  Lemonodo Oh: how should new artists in residence be chosen?
[2016/10/22 15:14]  SaveMe Oh: I think they should elect the committee
[2016/10/22 15:14]  Lemonodo Oh: oligarchic choice might not be the best way
[2016/10/22 15:14]  SaveMe Oh: for a certain period
[2016/10/22 15:14]  SaveMe Oh: the committee itself could change that
[2016/10/22 15:15]  Lemonodo Oh: much as second pride festival elects a board every year?
[2016/10/22 15:15]  Lemonodo Oh: that makes sense
[2016/10/22 15:15]  SaveMe Oh: yes
[2016/10/22 15:15]  SaveMe Oh: now this committee is deciding already for years
[2016/10/22 15:15]  SaveMe Oh: some people always get for certain a sim if needed
[2016/10/22 15:16]  Lemonodo Oh: mhm
[2016/10/22 15:16]  SaveMe Oh: and I guess they don't have to apply
[2016/10/22 15:16]  Lemonodo Oh: some repeats do not get re-chosen
[2016/10/22 15:16]  Lemonodo Oh: they all have to apply and write something
[2016/10/22 15:16]  Lemonodo Oh: i should put what i wrote
[2016/10/22 15:16]  SaveMe Oh: I dont believe that
[2016/10/22 15:17]  SaveMe Oh: but......nobody is also showing what people asked
[2016/10/22 15:17]  Lemonodo Oh: it requires a modicum of artspeak
[2016/10/22 15:17]  SaveMe Oh: so we never will know
[2016/10/22 15:17]  Lemonodo Oh: i came up with some
[2016/10/22 15:17]  Lemonodo Oh: it is perfectly fair to know the intent
[2016/10/22 15:17]  Lemonodo Oh: since the application asks an intent be written
[2016/10/22 15:18]  SaveMe Oh: and another question is, why they can decide to ban me or others?
[2016/10/22 15:18]  SaveMe Oh: on what grounds?
[2016/10/22 15:18]  Lemonodo Oh: it gets sent as a form on a third-party platform, it appears, a different company provides the form and the committee looks over all the forms
[2016/10/22 15:18]  Lemonodo Oh: then chooses
[2016/10/22 15:18]  SaveMe Oh: Are they judges?
[2016/10/22 15:19]  Lemonodo Oh: i think they might be a jury, yes
[2016/10/22 15:19]  Lemonodo Oh: that the air grant program is juried
[2016/10/22 15:19]  SaveMe Oh: and why they are in a jury and I am not?
[2016/10/22 15:19]  Lemonodo Oh: that is a fair question
[2016/10/22 15:20]  SaveMe Oh: and why they decide about you and not the other way around?
[2016/10/22 15:20]  SaveMe Oh: do they have qualifications?
[2016/10/22 15:20]  Lemonodo Oh: often juries are chosen by owners of a venue, such as a festival
[2016/10/22 15:20]  Lemonodo Oh: usually qualifications are "found"
[2016/10/22 15:21]  SaveMe Oh: Here is is someone who has a Linden connection and after he or she installed some friends
[2016/10/22 15:21]  SaveMe Oh: With mighty power
[2016/10/22 15:21]  Lemonodo Oh: something like that
[2016/10/22 15:21]  Lemonodo Oh: usually some connection to the arts is found
[2016/10/22 15:21]  Lemonodo Oh: not sure
[2016/10/22 15:22]  SaveMe Oh: I doubt that
[2016/10/22 15:22]  SaveMe Oh: JayJay not, Solo not, Secret not, Patricia not
[2016/10/22 15:23]  Lemonodo Oh: and here i am relying on one liaison and a committee majority to do the right thing
[2016/10/22 15:23]  SaveMe Oh: yes, family or the committee
[2016/10/22 15:23]  SaveMe Oh: an exciting life or a dull one
[2016/10/22 15:24]  Lemonodo Oh: rather simple the way you put it, as it should be
[2016/10/22 15:24]  SaveMe Oh: yes, that's why I am never so much afraid about the consequences
[2016/10/22 15:24]  SaveMe Oh: it's simple
[2016/10/22 15:24]  SaveMe Oh: good against bad
[2016/10/22 15:26]  SaveMe Oh: And am I wrong that you prefer to spent your time on other spots, regarding your appearance?
[2016/10/22 15:28]  Lemonodo Oh: i came in-world at home is all and felt it best not to cover up
[2016/10/22 15:28]  Lemonodo Oh: i put in the request to the committee and let them have a look at it
[2016/10/22 15:28]  Lemonodo Oh: you've made a super case
[2016/10/22 15:29]  SaveMe Oh: Pity you rely on the committee instead on me
[2016/10/22 15:29]  Lemonodo Oh: what more could you possibly do without running afoul of the understanding they might encourage me to have?
[2016/10/22 15:30]  Lemonodo Oh: and it is a pity i can't do more right here right now, i do feel bad about that
[2016/10/22 15:30]  SaveMe Oh: You could, add me to the builders group and look the other way
[2016/10/22 15:31]  Lemonodo Oh: i did before and did get into trouble with one committee member or favorite
[2016/10/22 15:31]  Lemonodo Oh: i felt bad about the trouble
[2016/10/22 15:31]  Lemonodo Oh: it was nothing i could undo
[2016/10/22 15:32]  SaveMe Oh: Pity you let your own feelings weigh more heavily than a good cause
[2016/10/22 15:32]  Lemonodo Oh: i thought it was such a great idea
[2016/10/22 15:32]  Lemonodo Oh: apparently they did not think so
[2016/10/22 15:32]  SaveMe Oh: You think freedom is won by discussions with the committee?
[2016/10/22 15:33]  SaveMe Oh: dictatorships never end by talking with them
[2016/10/22 15:33]  SaveMe Oh: They can be killed though by brave people
[2016/10/22 15:34]  SaveMe Oh: who dare to risk their virtual neck
[2016/10/22 15:35]  SaveMe Oh: period
[2016/10/22 15:35]  SaveMe Oh: let me know.
[2016/10/22 15:35]  Lemonodo Oh: i better put some pants on, i did reach one of the authorities
[2016/10/22 15:38]  Lemonodo Oh: a good point you make -- let's see how unhappy they can get right this instant
[2016/10/22 15:39]  SaveMe Oh: so which one gave you trouble the last time, the one who is gone now? Or Secret Rage?
[2016/10/22 15:40]  Lemonodo Oh: we're gonna do it
[2016/10/22 15:40]  Lemonodo Oh: let me give you a two-week clock as at artnation, anyone in artnation
[2016/10/22 15:41]  SaveMe Oh: that would be great
[2016/10/22 15:41]  SaveMe Oh: till when you have the sim, end of december?
[2016/10/22 15:45]  Lemonodo Oh: basically, which is a long time
[2016/10/22 15:46]  SaveMe Oh: Give me november
[2016/10/22 15:46]  SaveMe Oh: first finish your project
[2016/10/22 15:47]  SaveMe Oh: we do a big party here next week
[2016/10/22 15:47]  SaveMe Oh: and after that I take over for a month
[2016/10/22 15:47]  SaveMe Oh: in december you choose somebody else
[2016/10/22 15:50]  Lemonodo Oh: ok
[2016/10/22 15:50]  Lemonodo Oh: let's do that
[2016/10/22 15:51]  SaveMe Oh: deal
[2016/10/22 15:52]  Lemonodo Oh: deal :)
[2016/10/22 15:55]  Lemonodo Oh: build, be darn careful of the neighbors... careful with content since the owners of the game are apparently the ones who come up with the resources... i think that covers what drives the committee
[2016/10/22 15:55]  SaveMe Oh: I build without fear and accept the consequences
[2016/10/22 15:55]  Lemonodo Oh: pretty much
[2016/10/22 15:56]  Lemonodo Oh: i hit a wrong button
[2016/10/22 15:56]  Lemonodo Oh: brb
[2016/10/22 16:00]  Lemonodo Oh: anyway do for november and we will find a december
[2016/10/22 17:43]  Second Life: SaveMe Oh is offline.
[2016/10/23 08:32]  SaveMe Oh:
[2016/10/23 08:33]  Lemonodo Oh: ok

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