Monday, January 11, 2010

Jesse Nicholas IM Live Interview

[3:03:00 PM] kitchu...: Do we have 40 minutes? I make it fit within that time frame and we can always revisit.
[3:03:18 PM] ???? Kami: Yes yes I do ^^
[3:03:20 PM] kitchu...: K.
[3:03:31 PM] kitchu...: First question coming.
[3:03:44 PM] ???? Kami: Ok.
[3:03:46 PM] kitchu...: What is your name, age, the date, and where are we now?
[3:04:34 PM] ???? Kami: My name is Jesse Nicholas, I am 25 years old, born November 1984 and I live in the twin cities of Minnesota
[3:04:47 PM] kitchu...: OK. Thank you. Next: Are you in Second Life to work (grow, develop, be more real somehow, extend your real life) or are you in Second Life to play (fantasy, beat someone as in chess or WoW)?
[3:06:34 PM] ???? Kami: I was curious already about Second Life and was brought into it to work and grow through the Royal Science Foundation. I plan on meeting new people and seeing new places, I truly love exploring. To me the people I meet on Second Life are real people and my avatar at the very least stands for some part of myself. I'm a people person and love the interaction.
[3:07:08 PM] kitchu...: Thanks. Next:
[5:55:04 PM] kitchu...: Restatement of question. Do you feel Second Life comes with consequences (similar to corporate avatar) or, whee!! No consequences?
[3:08:25 PM] ???? Kami: There are always consequences whether they be positive or negative and enjoy both as a learning experience. Even the negative ones I view as a chance to learn and grow.
[3:08:52 PM] kitchu...: We can surely assume this interview will be retained, preserved and with respect. What about publishing it anonymously on a blog (and mask the names where they appear). For example,
[3:09:30 PM] ???? Kami: Ok, that's fine and with my permission. I accept the agreements.
[3:11:26 PM] kitchu...: If OK to be anonymous how about just put the names? Similar to StoryCorps Oral History preserved in the Library of Congress. StoryCorps was founded on the site of the Twin Towers in the aftermath of 9/11 and focused on survivors. It has since expanded to include mostly ordinary people from all walks of life, but of course the results are often extraordinary in scope.
[3:12:08 PM] ???? Kami: Sure you can use the name I've given you Jesse Nicholas or any of my screen names.
[3:12:32 PM] kitchu...: OK. We'll use your response. Thanks. Next coming.
[3:12:43 PM] ???? Kami: Excellent, ok.
[3:12:58 PM] kitchu...: What is the happiest moment of your life? The saddest?
[3:15:47 PM] ???? Kami: Hmmm... The happiest moment of my life was when I was first able to fall asleep next to the one I loved at that time in a relationship. The saddest moment was when my father had his stroke. Immediately I had never felt so scared at the thought of losing him.
[3:16:03 PM] kitchu...: Who is/was the most important person in your life? Can you tell me about him/her?
[3:19:27 PM] ???? Kami: My father is the most influential person in my life but the most important is the one I am in love with right now as we speak. That person is a truly wonderful individual who has stood by me during times of crisis when my father had his stroke and actually would like to a lifetime with me. Never before have I had anyone at all come up to me and calmly say I want to spend my life with you and share in its joys and be there for its challenges.
[3:20:03 PM] kitchu...: Thank you. This might look like the same question: Who has been the biggest influence in your life? What lessons did they teach you?
[3:23:37 PM] ???? Kami: The largest influence in my life is my father whom I have the most respect for ever. Ever since I was a baby that man has cared for me when I was born prematurely. He has stood by my mother with her medical conditions and helped with that. He participated in NSP and city council meetings and introduced me to an uncle I felt was a secondary father who has helped me learn and grow as an individual, but my father has shown me everything from business to medicine and electronics. He has shown me so much educationally and emotionally about being a family man and a parent, as well as being a successful individual. I love him and hope to make the rest of his life as comfortable and joyful as possible.
[3:24:09 PM] ???? Kami: If it weren't for my father I would not be alive today.
[3:24:18 PM] ???? Kami: Nor be where I am today.
[3:24:37 PM] kitchu...: Thanks. Here's another. Who has been kindest to you in your life?
[3:29:09 PM] ???? Kami: The kindest individual ever, mmm, that's a tough one. It's a cross between Tanya and my uncle but the kindest sweetest person I have ever met is my uncle Kison just because even miles apart I know I could call him to this day and he would give me the shirt off his back. He helped me to relax when he could as I was growing up and gave me a brief taste of freedom from a very promising yet restricted life when I was young. I wish he still lived close by but unfortunately he is in the Philippines at the moment and have lost contact with him. He is grieving his divorce at the moment.
[3:29:44 PM] kitchu...: OK. Next: What are the most important lessons you've learned in life?
[3:32:16 PM] ???? Kami: The most important lesson I've ever learned in life is from my father, duty to family friends loved ones, and potential friends. Not those that impede. That has got me very far in life and I'm sure will do so in the future as well.
[3:32:58 PM] kitchu...: Thank you. What is your earliest memory?
[3:35:45 PM] ???? Kami: My earliest memory is being in the hospital being resuscitated. Being premature, I had many medical difficulties I had to face by myself with my own body. I remember that and being thirsty all the time and being in the kitchen with my mother looking out the window probably a day home from the hospital until I needed to go back.
[3:36:03 PM] kitchu...: Are there any words of wisdom you'd like to pass on to me?
[3:38:34 PM] ???? Kami: Well possibly. I take a lot of consideration into what I give as wisdom or advice. I take as much as i can into consideration. Hmmm, trying to limit it down, LOL. I work best with a situation I suppose
[3:38:54 PM] ???? Kami: I'm very open but I like to be precise.
[3:39:33 PM] ???? Kami: Mmm, maybe something I've learned more recently?
[5:44:00 PM] kitchu...: Yes.
[5:44:00 PM] kitchu...: More recently is fine.
[5:47:00 PM] ???? Kami: Yes, I have learned recently that passive aggressive people are still aggressive, and usually people that preach to treat others with respect the most are the ones to forget about it the most. Unfortunately.
[3:39:46 PM] kitchu...: Thank you. What are you proudest of in your life?
[3:42:09 PM] ???? Kami: I am proudest of leading a clean cut life and my educational and work related progress I have had,LOL. I say this, chuckling, because my original goal even while young was to be a family man with a moved in partner by this age. If that ever happens I know that will take pride in that. But until that day I suppose it's my college education and career.
[3:42:31 PM] kitchu...: Second to last: What does your future hold?
[3:43:14 PM] ???? Kami: well it was completely clear about two weeks ago. Now I'm unsure. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. *smiles*
[3:44:19 PM] kitchu...: Thank you. I was hunting for the final question: Here it is: Is there anything that you've never told me but want to tell me now?
[3:45:35 PM] ???? Kami: No, there are things I would like to tell you as a friend if we ever get the time. However I am very open to friends, family and loved ones, and I consider you a good friend and have been open with you now, and wish to keep being so in the future as well.
[3:46:24 PM] kitchu...: Thank you! From here, I edit. Very, very lightly. Then it goes to the "archive."
[3:47:28 PM] ???? Kami: Ok that sounds great! I guess just as a side note for last question is those things I'd like to tell you are situational. Hmmm how to put this in proper context. I love a good conversation with almost anyone and look forward to sharing views and opinions on things and just overall general discussion. :)
[3:48:37 PM] kitchu...: Thanks again, Jesse. I'll be taking Ranger out for his afternoon walk, then see you at Kitten show for update. oo oo oo
[3:49:09 PM] ???? Kami: No, thank you lemon for taking time out of your day for me. Ok, sounds great :) I will talk to you then.

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