Saturday, January 16, 2010

AM Radio Surface (Review)

It is ambitious to express what this work means, but useful. For the practicing artist, how else to distinguish oneself, to assure one's work is more than the sum of its parts? Lemonodo and one of the artists he represents visited different AM Radio installations and we found them to be evocative, the work virtuoso. We discussed what those terms might mean. Calling forth, emotional and cinematic on the first and accomplished on the second. An emotion we sensed is loneliness, but I think that it is a longing too, a dread, a suffocation. Fear of being snuffed out by fire or tornado. Fear of being lost in a vast empty-feeling space in the middle of nowhere. Fear of losing oneself, losing one's memories. Can this be duplicated by others in reminders of home (if American), sketches, drawings, collectibles, musical instruments, torn rags on barbed wire fences, dragonflies motionless in flight? Certainly yes. Is it? Not so much. In real life, perhaps more so, but even there, "Surface" would stand out as having a point, a message. It is not just a pretty. Nor is it a fantasy. A proper review might notice there is a similarity across many installed AM Radio works (even recognizable objects being reused), so you could definitely say they are integrated as a body of work. Is there life after? This is a question the reviewer must ask, and a subsequent post finds reasons to affirm this.

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