Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oral History, Alexia

Photo Lemonodo of aspens and a view of a lake below by AM Radio

[2010/02/08 19:22] Lemonodo Oh: I could interview you for the oral history project.
[2010/02/08 19:22] Lemonodo Oh: That will keep us busy.
[2010/02/08 19:22] Alexia Malies: sure!
[2010/02/08 19:22] Lemonodo Oh: It usually takes 40 minutes, but just skip your way through. Answer here and there, quickly.
[2010/02/08 19:23] Lemonodo Oh: This is a good open. "Can you tell me your name, age, the date, and where we are?"
[2010/02/08 19:23] Lemonodo Oh: (Can be SL)
[2010/02/08 19:24] Alexia Malies: Alexia Malies, 24, 2125 8 Feb 2010 and we're in Ken's studio
[2010/02/08 19:25] Lemonodo Oh: Is you presence in Second Life largely fictional or largely realistic?
[2010/02/08 19:25] Alexia Malies: 80% realistic, 20% fictional
[2010/02/08 19:25] Lemonodo Oh: Is your experience safe with no consequences, or is it serious and comes with consequences?
[2010/02/08 19:26] Alexia Malies: usually relatively few consequences, but not entirely safe
[2010/02/08 19:26] Lemonodo Oh: Is it OK to publish this interview anonymously on the blog of Gallery Lemonodo Oh ( )? or ok to use Alexia Malies?
[2010/02/08 19:27] Lemonodo Oh: or not?
[2010/02/08 19:27] Alexia Malies: you can use my name
[2010/02/08 19:27] Lemonodo Oh: KK
[2010/02/08 19:27] Lemonodo Oh: Here we dive in.
[2010/02/08 19:27] Lemonodo Oh: Who was the most important person in your life? Can you tell me about him or her?
[2010/02/08 19:28] Alexia Malies: my grandfather, he has an incredibly memory and taught me to be self reliant and take care of things on my own
[2010/02/08 19:28] Lemonodo Oh: What was the happiest moment of your life? The saddest?
[2010/02/08 19:29] Alexia Malies: it's cliche but my wedding actually was the happiest and the saddest was not really a day but a length of time as i watched my grandfather deteriorate from alzheimer's
[2010/02/08 19:30] Lemonodo Oh: Who has been the biggest influence on your life? What lessons did they teach you?
[2010/02/08 19:31] Alexia Malies: again, i'd have to say my grandfather, he really did teach me to figure things out for myself, I think i got my drive and desire for accomplishment from him
[2010/02/08 19:31] Lemonodo Oh: K
[2010/02/08 19:31] Lemonodo Oh: Who has been the kindest to you in your life?
[2010/02/08 19:32] Alexia Malies: my husband, he puts up with all of my quirks and is understanding when i'm grumpy :)
[2010/02/08 19:32] Lemonodo Oh: What are the most important lessons you've learned in life?
[2010/02/08 19:32] Alexia Malies: get going, especially when you think you've lost and you're down, definitely keep going, but at the end of the journey it's a great feeling
[2010/02/08 19:33] Lemonodo Oh: What is your earliest memory?
[2010/02/08 19:33] Alexia Malies: I remember being two years old and going to the hospital to visit my mom when my little brother was born
[2010/02/08 19:34] Alexia Malies: my earliest memories are of him
[2010/02/08 19:34] Lemonodo Oh: If you could hold on to one memory from your life for eternity, what would that be?
[2010/02/08 19:35] Alexia Malies: the day that I realized I was in love with my now husband
[2010/02/08 19:36] Lemonodo Oh: If this was to be our very last conversation, what words of wisdom would you want to pass on to me? (or more simply: Are there any words of wisdom you'd like to pass along to me? )
[2010/02/08 19:37] Alexia Malies: hmm, i'd have to say to be yourself completely and to do what you want, even if and especially if others say it's not feasible
[2010/02/08 19:37] Lemonodo Oh: Have you had any experiences or moments in your life that you might consider sacred?
[2010/02/08 19:38] Alexia Malies: my grandpa taking me out into the forest and teaching me to track....the day i hit my first home run in wedding day
[2010/02/08 19:38] Lemonodo Oh: What are you proudest of in your life?
[2010/02/08 19:39] Alexia Malies: my current station in life, where all of my hard work has gotten me
[2010/02/08 19:39] Lemonodo Oh: When in life have you felt most alone?
[2010/02/08 19:41] Alexia Malies: when my husband was away in spain, we broke up and I was off at Officer Candidate School
[2010/02/08 19:41] Lemonodo Oh: How has your life been different than what you'd imagined?
[2010/02/08 19:42] Alexia Malies: i've made it a lot farther in my dreams that I thought i would, and it's funny because i've kinda stumbled my way blindly to where I am
[2010/02/08 19:43] Lemonodo Oh: How would you like to be remembered?
[2010/02/08 19:43] Alexia Malies: as a dependable and gracious person
[2010/02/08 19:43] Lemonodo Oh: Do you have any regrets?
[2010/02/08 19:44] Alexia Malies: letting my now husband break up with me when he went to spain lol
[2010/02/08 19:44] Lemonodo Oh: What does your future hold?
[2010/02/08 19:44] Alexia Malies: hopefully happiness and success, probably long hours and hard work but ultimately a happy life
[2010/02/08 19:46] Lemonodo Oh: Is there anything that you've never told me but want to tell me now?
[2010/02/08 19:46] Alexia Malies: that's a rather open ended question, let me think
[2010/02/08 19:47] Alexia Malies: music, art and intelligent conversation on almost any topic not only stimulate my brain, but physically as well
[2010/02/08 19:50] Alexia Malies is Offline

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